Frequently Asked Questions


Our Services

We provide paintless dent repair (PDR) to southern New Mexico and Texas. 

  • PDR is the process of meticulously messaging dents out using specialized tools. 
  • PDR does not damage the structure of the vehicle or the exterior integrity of the vehicle.    ​
  • PDR costs a fraction compared with that of conventional methods. This comes down to the time involved and materials used, making the process a less expensive venture.     
  • PDR is a quicker alternative because there is less dissembly/reassembly. There is also no painting and bondo work meaning your vehicle is returned with a quicker turn-around time.   
  • ​All of our work comes with a lifetime guarantee


What is Paintless Dent Repair? 

Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) is the fine art of removing dents without the use of conventional grinding, sanding, bondo, and repainting.  This is done by using specialized tools to patiently massaging the dent out from the back or sometimes the front of the panel.   

How will PDR affect my paint?  

The most imporatnat benefit of PDR is that the vehicle  is returned to pre-incident condition.  This means that the original paint is maintained. NO paint mismatches!   

Will the dent be 100% removed?  

In most cases the answer is yes.  However, the deeper the dent the more diffucult the repair may become! The best way to answer this question is to come by for a free estimate so a technician can see the dent up close.

Can the dent come back once it is removed?  

Absolutley not. Once the dent has been removed by a skilled technician it will never come back. All work is guaranteed by Dent Works and we take pride in our work! Customers are amazed at the results and have been satisfied in the qualtiy that we provide.

Can all dents be fixed?  

There are many factors that determine if a dent can be fixed; location of the dent, size, and depth. There are dents that are the size of a large dinner plate that can be fixed 100% using PDR and there are dents that are very small that we are unable to fix because they are deep; causing the metal to become streched or cracked.  On average over 95% of dents can be fixed using this method and even the remaining amount of dents can be fixed to a point of looking better.  

What discounts does your company provide?  

We offer discounts for multiple dents per car depending on the size and number of dents on the panel.In the even of hail damage the price will be a per car price.  We also offer military, student, and senior discounts just ask!